Christmas? Movies? What Else?

I guess I’ve had an interesting week. It has been busy, but in some ways a good busy.

I was able to take Sol shopping where my other half was working, he dropped us off for a walk about.

Sol needed new boots as her feet have grown rapidly lately, we were able to get some at a reduced price for her. She hasn’t taken them off her feet since, other half is getting tired of her stomping around in them.

We saw a lot of Christmas decorations, it’s still early for them. I’m not ready to put mine up yet! Sol wasn’t impressed at my idea of Christmas tree selfies.


Additionally I have been able to see a couple of movies with the children this week. Each year through the INTO FILM festival for schools (and home educators), we are able to get free cinema tickets for a good selection of movies.

Yesterday while Toni was at her class I took Sol and Seb to see a WW1 film drama, Journey’s End. It was very shocking to see the conditions those men experienced in the trenches, it was a good eye opener for the children. You know we talk about the wars a lot and the children read about it, but it’s hard to really comprehend how awful things were. Although, in my opinion, the movie wasn’t the best as far as movies go, it was definitely worth seeing to at least understand a fraction of how things might have been.

Today’s movie was Bohemian Rhapsody, although I had seen it already the children hadn’t. I was able to take all of my children (young and grown up) with me and not one said they didn’t enjoy it. It’s hard to believe that Queen was the music I grew up with and now they’ve made a movie of them. So much of it I didn’t know, yet I do understand the movie wasn’t 100% accurate, it was still very good to watch. I did not know that Freddy Mercury was from Zanzibar, I always thought he was English. To see that his ‘friends’ led him astray and how he got rid of them too. There were other things that were new to me too. I am glad I saw it twice because second time around I understood more some of the references made earlier in the movie now I know the story.

The rest of the afternoon was taken exclusively by me trying to get a new operating system on my computer. I had been looking around for a new computer and was really undecided on what to do. I really like my own Dell laptop as it has a 17 inch screen and two hard drives in it which is very useful for me. I couldn’t really match that in a new computer without spending a small fortune, plus in the long run I think I want an IMAC. So to save money I decided to instal the latest windows 10 rather than buying a new computer. Of course I am not that clever so I accepted remote access help to get everything backed up and ready. That went great, then could we get the windows to work? NOPE. Tried lots and lots of times, it looks like it’s faulty and they are sending me a new one. At least my computer is ready, it should be easier not to have to worry about that.

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