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The challenge on Cee Neuner’s page is public transportation in B&W. I found a few quirky photographs, I hope you enjoy them.

The obvious public transportation that comes to mind is a bus. I’ve used this photograph before, but I do like it so here it is again.

I live on a peninsula, fortunately I live near the top where road access to everywhere is good. If you live at the bottom of the peninsula it is sometimes easier to travel to the mainland by ferry. It’s a ten minute trip across the lough on a roll on – roll off car ferry. While I haven’t got a good photograph of the ferry itself, I have photos of the cars onboard. Often we travel on the ferry just for fun, for others it’s a necessity because driving up the peninsula and down the other side could be a 60-90 minute trip.

The next two photographs I actually took were not deliberately of the coaches in the background but of the parked cars. The cars were so tightly parked along this street I did wonder how any of them get out of their spaces, I did notice the van had a dent in it. However the topic is not about cars, I think the coaches mean that these photos fit well.

When I was in Spain last year and other years I noticed the beach hopper boats would pull up onto the sand. They were a water ‘bus service’ where you could visit neighbouring towns.

And to get to Spain I flew on this plane, it could be classed as public transportation too.

Lastly, this big boat carries people. Maybe not so public transport, but I’ll include it anyway. I have never been on a cruise ship this size, this is as close as I’ve ever got.

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