Funny CFFC

The CFFC this week is for something funny. I found a few old photos that were funny, but first I’ll share what’s funny to me.

My cat, Walter. He’s got this thing about laying on my bed. He stretches out like he owns it, he probably does actually. This is a picture heavy post, please be patient.

Then he tells me I can’t make my bed in the morning by laying on the sheet.

And when you try tell him to shift his long body he covers his face …. “la la la, I can’t see you so I don’t have to do what you say”

Sometimes he lies in Sol’s bed, her big sister doesn’t like it and always tried to move Walter. Recently Sol left her a note …

When the bedroom doors are closed the desk in other half’s office will do instead.

Or even the coffee table.

The other cats are funny too, they like to wear things on their head.

Like lettuce.

Or a daisy chain crown.

To round this post off, I have some photos that are not cats.

This photo is old! We went shopping and discovered a car covered in post it notes in the supermarket car park.

Sol as a toddler, she’s just been for a spin in the washing machine! (Not really, she was not in any danger)

I think that’s all I am going to cover today. I hope the photos made you smile.

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