B&W Challenge – Flowing Water

This one is tricky enough, my albums are filled with beautiful serene views of the seascape where I live. Mainly because when the weather is rough I tend to not venture down to the shore, even though I am missing out on some magical photos.

So for Cee’s black and white photo challenge of flowing water, this is what you have got.

A window to the sea.

A beach, the water at rest in the evening.

My dog enjoying the tide.

Slow flow – sailing boat coming in to dock.

A little bit of rough.

The final photo probably fits most with the flowing water theme. I want you to look very carefully at it, what do you see? You see the boy standing with a wave lashing over him from behind … look over his left shoulder (your right looking straight on) and you will see the hat of a man standing behind him. The man was entirely engulfed by the wave, he was okay by the way.

I hope you enjoyed my water photographs.

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