Jelly Babies Fudge

On Saturday we are helping out some friends in our church with their fund raising morning. After the last batch of fudge which the children lovingly stirred and made, we were asked if we would make some more. When the children previously set up stall, the children raised £110 from selling the fudge alone and that was before donations.

So with that, Seb has been the maker of 62 bags of fudge this week. Six new flavours too, here is one of them. This Fudge is super sweet, you only need a small amount of it to satisfy your sugar cravings.

Jelly Babies Fudge

This recipe makes LOTS.

600g (21ounces) White chocolate. (Supermarket brand, cheap chocolate caramelises better)

1 can condensed milk

Pink food colouring

Strawberry flavouring

150g (5oz) jelly babies

Melt the white chocolate and condensed milk in a slow cooker on a low heat. ‘Cheap’ chocolate really is the best for making this fudge recipe. I am not sure why but it melts down easier and tastes a lot more fudgey when it’s made. Plus it can be an expensive recipe if you use branded chocolate.

Stir the mix every 15minutes for at least 90 minutes, the longer the better to get that true fudgey flavour.

At the end stir in your pink colouring and your strawberry flavouring. Use as much as you like to achieve the desired colour and taste.

Finally at the very end, just before you pour mix in some jelly babies. They melt and leave coloured streaks through your fudge.

Pour the fudge into moulds or a brownie pan.

Leave to set at least two hours in the fridge before you cut it.

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