The Truth Of War – Poem for Remembrance

The Truth Of War

The clash of steel, the crash of a gun 
Beside me lies some mothers son. 

A fledgling yet, just left the nest
And now the blood spurts from his chest.

I watch his breast fall and rise,
I wonder my worth, at his demise.

His body writhes and twists in pain.
Another young life gone in vain. 

This field is just a large muddy sea
The shots continue to fall on me.

I rise and blindly look about, 
And then I hear another dying shout.

No glory here, no big jubilee –
I can hardly stand, and barely see.

If I could know, what is the future for me
Then maybe, the less afraid I would be.

I see broken bodies, which are many abound,
Spent shells and weapons strewn around.

My eyes have adjusted to the evening gloam*
I am tired and wish to go home.

Amidst my pain and aching sorrow –
I hope to carry on and pray for tomorrow.


* Gloam is not a typo … please google the meaning if you wish to know more.

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