An Unexpected Gift – FOTD

This week has been an anniversary as such. Not a nice anniversary, and perhaps it’s one which is no longer so significant in my life (that sounds bad). However the anniversary is enough to make me think about more recent events that have moulded who I am and the path my life is taking.

On that note my wonderful man-son bought me a little gift of some flowers in a pot.

I would like to make this post FOTD as posted on Cee Neuner’s photography website … I may as well cover all bases. 😉


  1. Baldy

    A lovely gesture ❤️

    I tried it once. I got the third degree, asking me what I’d done wrong. I’d done nothing. I thought it would be nice for her. Suffice to say, my other half has had no more flowers. Once in 27 years is enough. Lol.

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