The Glued and The Bad

This has been an eventful week so far. I’ll start with the sad news as one of my daughter’s friends died on Friday, she was only 16 years old. There has been a lot of

This has been an eventful week so far.

I’ll start with the sad news as one of my daughter’s friends died on Friday, she was only 16 years old. There has been a lot of tears and questions thrown about as to the reasons behind this girl’s sudden death. It is a tragic story, everyone has been affected on some level. I cannot begin to imagine what the friend’s family are going through as I struggle to even smile this week as I think of what happened.

I feel guilty even writing on my page today, I wanted to come on and give you a round up of a few things and now I am choked up again.

Okay, I’m going to just jump in off the deep end.

Despite everything that was going on my other half was working in a town called Newry again. We like to visit there as it’s a nice day out and there is good shopping for us. So yesterday we went there to try take the children’s minds off everything that had been going on. We had a good walk around the area and picked up lunch in a local fast food restaurant. It was good all in all. We were also on a mission as it was Seb’s birthday in October and I hadn’t really bought him anything except for a pair of sale rail Sony headphones for ยฃ15. I had promised Seb that we’d take the next possible opportunity to go to Newry and look for new trainer shoes for him. I succeeded in that mission, Seb tried on several trendy pairs of training shoes and plumped for a pair of plain black ones. He was so impressed with the shoes he got he sat on a bench outside the shop and changed into them. He also got himself a pair of jogging bottoms with money he had got for his birthday. Toni got herself a pair of boots for the winter and Sol got a little pair of cheap fashion boots from Primark. So all the children got their feet fixed up for winter! I bought a hat, it is cold now, it will get used.

On the way down to Newry we stopped at this place called Damolly, it’s a little retail park. Other half had to go on and visit a customer so we walked about while we waited for him to do his thing. We called in at NEXT home for a look around. I quite like NEXT clothing, but between you and me, their home ware is a little overpriced. Still, it’s worth a look as you never know what you might find.

Toni loves cacti, imagine her delight when we saw that NEXT had pretty little cactus plants in cute pots.

However on closer inspection we noticed the labels said that the cacti were fresh and real. That was nice …….

Except … we discovered much to our hilarity that all the plants had glued on flower heads. Yes, that is right, the flowers were GLUED on. Look closely at the next two photos.

How freaking crazy is that? I have taken great delight in messaging NEXT to tell them of my surprise to find this, especially as they are marketing these plants as real plants. I shall let you know what explanation that NEXT come back with.


You remember earlier on in the year I was making blankets to go to Malawi, well I had been making any since August due to the fact we were travelling and I was working on a job for someone. This week after getting to a point in my large job I could break I got my crochet hooks out again. I used some baby colours and made another blanket, it is quite a large C2C (corner to corner) blanket but I got it made in no time at all because I used a no8 hook. I find crochet work quite therapeutic and I think this was the perfect time to work on another little blanket. The photos aren’t great as it was evening time I took them.

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  1. That is so sad! Prayers for the girl’s family. ๐Ÿ˜” The cactus cup is funny, but I can’t believe the flowers are glued on!! What!! Your blanket is so pretty!!

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