Happy Hallowe’en!

Not quite sure what is going on in our house this week, we seem to have caught a dragon. We live in a country where Hallowe’en isn’t really a big thing. It’s not that it’s

Not quite sure what is going on in our house this week, we seem to have caught a dragon.

We live in a country where Hallowe’en isn’t really a big thing. It’s not that it’s not celebrated, it’s just it’s not big. We have never had anyone knocking on our door saying “trick or treat”. Over the years you do see the occasional parade advertisement or Hallowe’en party advertised somewhere. Sol decided she was going to participate in some door knocking so she and her friends, with a dad to supervise, went around the village where we live. To date they have got a whole pile of sweets and about £70 in cash, who would have thought it would be so profitable?

I think since the last time I wrote my life has been a bit of a blur. I was out of the house every evening last week and most of the days. I am ashamed to say I am behind on a lot of things and I have neglected my emails too. The laundry fairy did not arrive like I had hoped she would, and the duster didn’t grow legs and do her job either.

Still, it was an okay week.

As you know I was invited to be in a small audience on a political TV program last week. I ended up sitting centre on the second row so was in camera shot most of the time, it was quite funny because I hadn’t even watched it and people I knew were asking about it. it’s only a little audience and you have to be interviewed to get on the program. What was interesting is that you were invited to ask the panel questions and were told to ask questions that were provocative. I guess they were hoping for some real live debate. I actually thought we were quite a sensible bunch, no one really argued much.

I had to attend a couple of meetings about things I had been working on lately. I was super nervous about everything, but it turned out really well so I am feeling less pressure now.

I also had a hospital appointment which did not go how I expected. I usually get bloods taken to check I am absorbing my vitamins and things. The doctor (who I had never met before) looked at me and wondered whether I was eating enough. I assured her I was and suggested she looked at my old blood test results which were actually perfect. Then she gave me a little lecture because I am only eating three meals a day and not eating any snacks. At this point I felt that I should have lied about that, but why would it occur to me say that up front? Oh man! I am not underweight by any means nor do I have any concerns about that, she clearly had not read my medical notes and decided to focus on the wrong thing. Does she not know I am a baker? It frustrated me as I had to drive an hour to my appointment, obviously an hour back home and the wait time in between for her to not read my notes and just lecture me rather than being constructive. I was understanding they were just going to take my blood and I’d be on my way, which they didn’t as she didn’t know which paperwork to fill in. I guess I’ll have to go and get that done when she figures out what she is doing.

Then at the weekend my husband had organised a fundraiser event for aid to go to Indonesia. It turned out to be a success, a good amount of money was raised and it will go directly into the appeal. The children and I between appointments and various trips spend three days making over 60 bags of fudge to sell. I have to confess that there was rather a lot of fudge and sweet things consumed in our house this past week.

I also managed to go to the cinema twice this past week. I saw Bohemian Rhapsody and First Man, both of which were very good. It’s not often I get to go out to the cinema but my head was just filled with everything that had been going on, I welcomed the light relief. I did especially enjoy Freddy Mercury as I grew up with queen in the music charts, there ground breaking music was all the rage when I was young.


I received flowers from a friend about two weeks ago, look how pretty they still are. I just stripped out some leaves and they will last another while.

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