Monday is Good

One week on from slowly recovering from my painful back and I am so much better. I can’t feel it all now and I’ve pretty much got myself back to normal.

So now I’m contemplating the upcoming busy week, which is filled with fun things and more serious stuff.

Today I visited a friend, I was helping her with a few things that she needed to do with her church and I ended up staying there a few hours – oops.

Tonight I am going out to an evening of entertainment, I don’t know any more than that right now so I will post about it if it’s good. There is supper afterwards I think, food is always good.

A few months back I was invited to be in the audience of a political debate show, it’s one where the audience ask questions of politicians and obviously the debate/discussion continues. Here’s the link from my last experience. It was very interesting and the fact that real people get to talk to these influential people. On Friday the people from the TV show emailed asking if I wanted to go back tomorrow for a special episode and I said yes. I don’t know what the topic yet or what politicians will be on the panel yet, you get all the information on the day. Our whole country is in a mess, I’m keen to go and write down a few questions. We currently have no government, yes, you read that right, we have no one in charge. Health care, education, everything is a real mess due to the supposed monkey leaders who cannot sort themselves out. It is a real concern I have currently – don’t get me started on it.

Tomorrow is also the crafty group that Sol and I ended up going to last week, I think we are going to go back to it.

The rest of the week is equally as filled up, I will be updating as I go no doubts.

Something fun though, now my big project is nearly at an end I’m digging out my yarn again to make some more blankets and hopefully a few Christmas gifts. I’ve a blanket I started ages ago to finish too, maybe I’ll get that done. For anyone who is into crochet will appreciate the following YARN PORN photograph. If you aren’t a crafter then just humour me and admire it anyway.

I’m going to be baking and making this week too, on Saturday we are having a fundraising event to raise money for Indonesia. The children will be selling our goodies on a little stall as part of the fundraising event. Watch out for some recipes. That is not really an entire box of chocolate, oreos and sweets … your eyes deceive you.

2 thoughts on “Monday is Good”

  1. I am sad to read that UK is in such dire straits, leadership-wise, or are you talking specifically about Northern Ireland? The efforts you are making for Indonesia are truly admirable.

  2. The government issues are purely Northern Ireland, the two largest parties can’t agree to work together. As a result we have no one in power and run the risk of becoming under what we call direct rule. Direct rule is not something most are against but it means as a country we won’t be able to make our own decisions and will fall under English rules.

    Thanks for replying, and yes the Indonesian appeal is a good cause. My husband is heading up the group for this but the group members will be doing all the work. A small drop in the ocean sadly but if it makes a difference for someone then worth it.

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