Pain And Christmas Crafts (already)

I’ve been in pain, since the end of last week my back has been hurting bad. I’ve every sympathy for anyone who has a life of physical pain like this because it wasn’t fun. I’m

I’ve been in pain, since the end of last week my back has been hurting bad. I’ve every sympathy for anyone who has a life of physical pain like this because it wasn’t fun.

I’m thinking it started around Thursday and my back was twinging when I stood up or sat down. I didn’t really take any major notice of it at the time. By the weekend I was more or less hobbling about and nothing would even touch the pain and sleep wasn’t happening. I had met a friend from my church on Friday to go to the local garden centre for a cuppa, and I was relieved when she said she’d drive. I was in agony after we were done talking and only too glad to go home and rest.

I ended up getting some heavy duty pain medication and prescribed anti inflammatory medications at the weekend. You will know how that goes, because when you take them you feel like you are in a stupor and then they wear off you are in pain again. It really took until yesterday when I started to feel better. Last night I didn’t take any pain pills, today I feel so much better for it, my back is sore but bearable now. I have no clue what I did to it either.

So yesterday afternoon was really the first time I had lifted my head since Friday and I had a scheduled appointment with a local craft group. I was going to check them out on an official capacity regarding a job I do but I was invited to stay for the class. I had taken my youngest daughter with me and we ended up making Christmas wreaths from coat hangers and Christmas baubles. We left the wreaths behind because they get sold in a craft fair, I’m happy about that because it’s far too early to have any Christmas things on display. By the end of the two hour class I was in pain again, but at least I got out and did something fun.

Today has been pretty good, I’ve been working on a large project the last while and I’m almost done that which will free up a lot of my time again, I am very happy about that too!

I also had been talking to the happiness engineers with regard to my issue with not being able to like posts that I read on wordpress blogs. We have got to the bottom of it and I am not too happy with the explanation and results of this investigation.

So, how my blogging goes most days I write stuff and I will read a handful of blogs and websites. But then one day a week I will sit down and go through everyone’s pages who I have been liked by or chatted with over the course of the week. I also have a few favourite people I visit too. I have a favourites folder with stuff saved in it, when I want to view the stuff I just click the folder and it opens up the pages I want to view. This is nothing unusual with internet surfing for anyone. By the nature of my blogging and those blog pages I visit a lot of it is photography. A lot of pages are just photo after photo, and that is great, I love photos and I would ‘like’ them all. I also give everyone a like or two when I have read their posts so they know I have visited. That is what the ‘like’ button is for, right?

After messaging the help lines last week about my ongoing issues with not being able to like or comment without signing in every time, the happiness engineer told me I liked too many posts. I argued that a lot of them are photos and there are multiple posts by certain authors and that is why I sometimes like three or four or sometimes more photographs and posts and posts by a single person.

That’s the thing about photo challenges, I have seen me go down the comments in a photo challenge post and look at every poster’s challenge photos and liked them. The happiness engineer said I also like them all in the same morning or afternoon too and they see that as spammy behaviour. So, in other words if I sit down with a cup of coffee looking at two dozen photographs I am not allowed to click on the like button more than a few times. I have also been told if I do that more I will have the ability to like posts taken away from me. So the upshot is, I liked too many posts all in one day too many days. Now I’m not to show my appreciation towards you all by clicking that teeny button at the bottom of the posts more than a few times in a day. What I’m going to have to do on the photography pages is just to like one photo and acknowledge the rest with a comment. its a nuisance, because I’m my eyes I didn’t actually click like so many times, but I guess the nature of how I visit lots of sites in one day is what is giving me the problems.

Oh boy, I just read what I wrote. I think I talk too much sometimes. Maybe I should just go like some posts instead 😂.

22 thoughts on “Pain And Christmas Crafts (already)

  1. Sorry to hear about your pain – both with your back and wordpress!! Hope you feel better soon! I agree with you – I wouldn’t be happy with their explanation either. We all love to like!

    1. We sure do live to like! It seems that me liking one day a week is an issue .. , I will have to learn to like every day :D.

  2. have you tried patches for pain on your back?
    um, that seems pretty weird about the “like” situation. im not sure how many “likes” you are doing, but i “like” many posts a day at a time and at several times a day and as far as i know, i have never been limited to the “likes” i have made.
    i hope your back feels better.
    yes, way too early for christmas anything. i was at home depot today and they already had christmas decorations and that included fake trees. sigh

    1. LOL fake trees and decorations are an issue right now, its not even halloween. However where I live, we don’t celebrate halloween as such either. I haven’t had the patches for my back but one week on and I am feeling pretty good again, got some extra pills if it flares up again but I am keeping everything crossed for now.

  3. I’m actually having the exact same issue, with not being able to like the posts I read sometimes, and wanting me to log in on some pages from my reader. I didn’t realize this was the reason, but it seems like my activity here is similar to yours, soooo….

    Did they give you any indication of a possible fix, or is permanent?

    1. No, sadly they didn’t give me a fix. They gave me a warning not to continue with my ‘liking’ behaviour because that would get me barred from liking at all. I did tell them I save all my likes up to one day a week, but that is the issue. I am using an alternative sign in on my computer now.

      1. Weird. I don’t do mine all in one day. Never have. Yet, I still can’t “like” directly on some posts, and those posts ask me to log in even though I’m already logged in, or I wouldn’t be able to access my Reader. It makes no sense. I’m not sure why they can’t just leave stuff alone and let us enjoy ourselves.

  4. The crafty day is good. The back pain isn’t. The how many posts etc likes, comments is crap. I will just have to contend myself that you have been for a visit and feel your smiles in the atmosphere at some of my stuff. I was wanting to do more so that’s why I bought the premium pack from WP.
    Hope you are a bit better and get a remedial massage which will make you feel good x

    1. Yes it can be tedious when they do that. I have refrained from liking many posts this week seeing as I am on a threat, I am also using a different sign in on different devices currently.

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