Sports Grounds or Sports. LAPC Life Amazing Photo Challenge

Today Saturday 13th October – Sports grounds or Sports. Anything related with sports grounds or sports.

But first of all I’d like the thank those who joined in the very new photo challenge. Last week I posted asking for ponds or pools and this is what I got.

My Helmet Talk posted some town ponds, with people gathering for some fun. My Helmet Talk.

The 59 Club had some time to relax with mini golf too. Time To Relax.

Bush Boy spends time bird watching at the water hole where he lives, I think that’s an amazing place to hang out. The water hole.

Go Earth Walking and a little magic happens, this one is a very pretty pebble pic. A Little Magic.

Please post a ping back In the comments below and use the tag LAPC. I will do a round up of entries at the end of the week, I will also be on the look out for humorous entries.

Future topics will be …

Saturday 20th October – Crafts

Saturday 27th October – Unconventional Halloween

Thankyou for posting, best of all have fun with this.

My entries or this week …

We have a local ice hockey team called The Giants. I don’t follow many sports but I love to watch The Giants play. It’s a lot of fun.

My youngest child enjoys skateboarding as a sport. She has several skateboards, her favourite has to be her Sonic The Hedgehog board.

And maybe this last photo isn’t classed as a spot but I thought I’d add it in for a little bit of fun. As you can see whoever is playing isn’t very good at this sport.

Maybe if you aren’t good at darts you could try running instead. Is this guy for real or did he Bolt once the photo was taken?

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