Travel with intent has shared a picture challenge. Check it out here, the topic is fire.

I know I have shared the following photos before but I couldn’t not share them again for this topic.

The topic is fire, and it’s very apt to explain that up and down the country where I live there are massive bonfires made and lit. They are a work of art, for many weeks people prepare them and then on the 11th of July at the stroke of midnight they are set alight. Many of these fires are huge, as you will see in my photographs. Sadly the reason behind the bonfires has created a huge divide in my country, it’s really sad that people cannot get on. We are trying to leave the war, that is called ‘The Troubles’ behind. We are mostly at peace now, but there is still the occasional undercurrent of negative things that go on. The majority of people who live in Northern Ireland are regular, law abiding citizens who want to move on from all of this.

The bonfires can be massive, look very closely at the photograph and you can see the tiny houses behind the fire. The houses have their windows boarded up to protect them from the heat.

Another fire, not quite as large.

And another.

The smoke billows into the air and can be seen for miles.

11 thoughts on “Fire”

    1. No danger of that here with all the rain we get. Doesn’t mean there haven’t been issues with damage to property and injuries. The bonfires are usually organised and guarded with everyone being kept at a safe distance, however it’s not like that in every case.

  1. Thank you for coming by:) Yes, have heard about these huge bonfires!
    Saw you already had a comment of California, so you know. We have every year fires here with great loss of houses, life stock, and sometimes people. The real scary thing is that some of these fires are set by arsonists.

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