Can someone help me please?

I am having trouble ‘liking’ wordpress posts online. I’m using an iPad and have cleared my browsing history etc.

What am I missing? It’s frustrating because I have so many blogs that I visit and wish to like posts.

** Edited to add in that it’s suddenly all working again. Im not sure if it’s something that wordpress did or I did, but I emailed them and told the, my issues. No reply as of yet, it’s working anyway so I am not complaining **


  1. roninjax

    I seem to do okay on the laptop but have difficulty sometimes on the iPhone. I turn the phone off and then on and sometimes it asks me to log in too. I then can like a post. It’s somewhat aggravating. 🙂

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  2. ghostmmnc

    Glad it’s working again. I’ve had this problem from time to time, where I’d have to log in every time to like or comment. Eventually it starts working, and I have turned it all off for a little bit. Maybe it resets or something.

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  3. Inside the Mind of Isadora

    I’ve been having the same issue. I can only ‘Like’ and comment on me Reader. I’ve been contacted by the HappyHelpers. They have been having me try many things. So far, Nothing.
    Now, sometimes it works and at other times it does not 😫
    If you figure it out. Thank you 😊
    Isadora 😎
    Ps … my Like button worked in here from my IPHONE.

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  4. Ilka

    I have the same problem. When I want to like a post a small window pops up for a half second, and I assume that want me to ask for signing in, but it disappears too fast. Above all: I am always logged in. So I can like many posts only in the reader here. 😯

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    1. LifeAmazing

      That’s been it for me. So I wrote off to wordpress earlier, and suddenly the liking has started to work again. I wonder if there’s a correlation. Had you been working on another site by any chance? I have been making a website for someone and had wondered even if that had somehow messed up some settings. Who knows but for now it works.

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      1. Ilka

        No, I don’t working on another site, and I am only working on my laptop. First I will follow your advice and will log out and wait for a while. Maybe there was an update and my system don’t noticed that. 😉 If it will further not work I will write to the support, too.

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  5. Mz&Cho

    Experienced the problem where after a certain amount of likes, you can’t continue “liking”. I log out and give WP about an hour to “rest”. I can then continue to “like”. That’s what I have been doing to date. I also hope someone has a better solution than mine. 🙂

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