You Couldn’t Make It Up & CFFC

I’m thinking I didn’t already share this piece of useless information, but Toni spent her 16th birthday eve and birthday suffering from a vomiting bug. Her birthday was ruined and she was only able to manage her cake the next day, we didn’t even have any special food as she was so sick.

As the days wore on she started to feel better and no one else got sick. I think maybe I breathed a sigh of relief as it’s not fun dealing with sick children.

Fast forward a week until today and Sol woke this morning complaining of a sore belly. As the day wore on if has become obvious that she has got the vomiting bug too. Sol has been quite ill with it, we got her some prescription medicine to stop the sickness, of which she has had two doses.

While she was being ill the cat got sick too. He has been vomiting everywhere, which had given me divided loyalties between him and Sol. I was forced to abandon Sol and do some damage limitation with the cat. Trust me, when I say that running with a puking cat is no joke, I really do mean it.

At one point I was calling Toni for help, she was screaming at me that there was an enormous spider in her bedroom. Oh man, what else could go wrong? I told her to ignore the spider and tend to Sol. She was perturbed by this and informed me that she doesn’t handle vomit very well. I could have slapped (figure of speech) that girl, because less than a week ago she was in Sol’s shoes and we all knew about it. Our 16 year old princess, was very vocal about how bad she felt.

Finally Sol’s medicine started to work and she has had some rest. Walter the cat is shut in the big bathroom so that he is contained, he is currently too high a risk to let loose. I am packed and ready to run for hills if anyone or anything else pukes.

I think that there’s enough comedy in this for an entire stage act, just I am yet to see the funny side.


If you have read through this story I will bless you with some pretty photos to take those pukey bad thoughts out of your mind. Cee’s weekly photo challenge is things people grow.

I have a number of apple trees, plum trees and a cherry tree. The birds eat all the cherries so we never get any. This is some of my apples ..

I love my lavender plants…

I have many plants in my garden, one of the most striking plants at the front is the lupin plant. The lupins just keep coming back with no input from me.

22 thoughts on “You Couldn’t Make It Up & CFFC”

  1. Beautiful photos. I love the lupins. I remember the puking phase with kids. No cat pukers in our family and only once a dog who had the pukes. That was bad as she got really ill and had to go to the veterinary hospital. Turned out she had pancreatitis from something she ate. I hope all your pukers will recover soon and that you will stay healthy.

  2. Kids & pets…gotta love ’em, but man, when all that happens at once it can be trying for sure. I can just imagine you running around tending to everyone! Hope all is better now.

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