September Good And Bad Things

I think if there was a competition for how many emotionally charged things you could have in one week I could win hands down.

September is a strange month for me, before I begin please don’t think I am hanging on to a pile of negative stuff because I am not. I have just returned from an amazing vacation, life goes on and I live it to the full. I am sharing simply because I want to and I think it is an aspect of my life that has made me into the person I am today. This week in September cannot go unnoticed for me as there are so many significant dates all rolled together.

I cannot forget my twin babies who were lost five years ago on the 17th of September. The loss of my twins impacted my life in such a huge way I was paralysed with sadness for a long time. Their loss still makes me very sad even after all this time, while people’s lives have moved on and they have all forgotten what happened, I haven’t. When I held my babies in my hands and I knew at that point that my life would never be the same again. I have been told by do-gooders that I should be grateful for what I have, they say it as if I don’t appreciate my living children. My children are my life, and despite my love for my living children I love the children I lost too. Nothing compares to the pain of losing a child, let alone two children in one go.

As the memories of my beautiful babies cannot be erased I think about my own mother. My mum passed away on our daughter’s 5th birthday on the 22nd of September 2007. It was a long time ago I know. It doesn’t make me so sad anymore, but more of a bitter sweet thing. So this week as we celebrate the date our daughter was born and in the background I remember the day I lost one of my parents. Also it was my mum’s birthday this week, when my daughter was born my mum always had said she wished she had shared her birthday but they ended up being four days apart.

It’s not all bad this month, Sol is having her day in the sun. You may remember in July Sol was doing some recording for a CBeeBies TV show, she had a great day and you can read about it here. They had said at the time they were writing the next batch of scripts and would call her back. Well they did, Sol went in this week and recorded two more episodes, it was a lot of fun. She needs to go in again in the next few days to record a little jingle too, just waiting for the music to be ready. It’s her dream, she’s 13 years old and had always expressed she was interested in art and doing voice acting. Well, here she is doing her first little bit of acting, I don’t know where this will lead, but it sure is fun for her in the meantime.

11 thoughts on “September Good And Bad Things”

  1. Glad to hear that life is better these days. Not at all, you are NOT hanging to negativity! Memories and grief will still exist for anyone who loses love ones (especially one’s children!). Though not a parent myself, I still do understand the bond between parent/child. I saw that from my parents, their affection and care for us, their children. I lost my mother 27 years ago and my father a year ago. I still miss my Mom crazy and don’t ask about my Father (I miss him crazy crazy). Take care! MZ

  2. The do-gooders are only partially right. An old song goes, “Remember the rain, when you think of the sunshine.” That is not being negative; it is showing love to the dear ones who have gone on, and nothing can replace them.

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