Time Flew By & A Little Gripe

It seems like no time at now since we were planning the trip we are about to undertake. When we planned our vacation it definitely felt a long time to wait. The children excitedly made

It seems like no time at now since we were planning the trip we are about to undertake. When we planned our vacation it definitely felt a long time to wait.

The children excitedly made a countdown calendar and there were many pages to fill in with Xs. Each morning Sol would go to the calendar, mark her X on the page and make sure everyone heard her announcement as to how many sleeps to go there was.

Anyway, we are leaving eldest son and his girlfriend at home to take care of the animals and the house. He has had his vacation time and now he has to get ready for university which starts in less than a month.

Today we are flying into Antalya Airport in Turkey, and then there’s a three hour drive to the place where we are going to stay.

We are hoping to spend the first few days relaxing then will make the most of our time and travel around to do some sight seeing.

I will post as I can, that is if the wi-fi is any good. However I may not be visiting anyone’s webpage or blog until I get back home, please don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. I will catch up with everyone’s updates soon enough.

Which takes me onto my little gripe. I have played with the idea of not mentioning this in case I upset someone. However, I have figured that the people I am talking about are not properly reading this so I’m going to say it anyway. I didn’t want to give this gripe it’s own post so here it is on the bottom of this post about fun times.

I am certain this is a view shared by others.

I trust that you all visit my page because you want to see what I am up to. Perhaps you like my photographs, or my recipes (which have fallen off the face of the earth lately), maybe you come here out of habit, whatever the reason is no one forces you to visit me. When you do visit me I appreciate it, makes me feel I haven’t wasted my time positing.

I have this ‘little routine’ for when it comes to visiting other blogs. About once a week I would sit down with a cup of tea and visit all my favourite bloggers and website authors. I occasionally visit at random times, but there’s usually a morning when I do the visits collectively. I enjoy this time, if I like what I read I click like, sometimes I forget to ‘like’ a post and sometimes I find bits that were posted more than a few days previous that I missed. Sometimes, if I see a new blog I will click like to help that person along. It’s how things go, there are busy days and quiet days but I do try to catch up.

I am assuming there are pages I visit whose author doesn’t reciprocate and that’s okay with me. I visit pages because I want to. There are people who visit my page that for whatever reason I haven’t visited or read their blog or webpage. It’s not something I am going to get hung up on.

My small gripe is that there are people who are visiting my page, giving me a hundred random likes and then making comments about me liking them in return. I’m guessing that those people are not actually reading my stuff.

There’s one in particular who posts “like me back” in the comments, on a regular basis. Yeah! Why force me to like your site. Firstly the site is in a language I do not understand, Google translate isn’t working for it either. So I am not liking things I cannot understand just because you want me to. And secondly, the particular site I’m referring to looks like a taxi cab site, it is of no relevance to me. It’s also really obvious I live in Northern Ireland, I’m not going to use the taxi service. The main reason why I like posts and sites is because I LIKE them. If I can’t understand a page then I can not truly know what the author is saying, I would be wary of liking something unwittingly that goes against my personal beliefs or what is acceptable in my society.

So to the people who comment like me back on my page, I’m not going to publish your comments and nope, I’m not going to like you back unless I find your page interesting and worthwhile to visit.

14 thoughts on “Time Flew By & A Little Gripe

  1. Today I actually received emails from WordPress bloggers who wanted me to follow their blogs. I clicked on the links to the blogs, and they are nothing I would want to follow. One blog was very inappropriate. Also, not too long ago I noticed that unknown people from Russia were “liking” comments made by others on my blog. And several times I’ve received notices that I have a new follower, but when I click on the link to see who the follower is, their blog site is blank. All of it makes me uneasy!

  2. My Dad once told me, “It’s none of your business what other people think of you. You are only to be the best you can be, in the sight of God.” So, I visit many posts and give out a lot of likes. They are not bound to do anything in return. I read your posts, because I find them interesting.

  3. Very well said, I agree with the items of which you spoke. In the past month I have come across 4 Boko Haram sites that ‘liked’ me (which I doubt seriously’. I clicked on their sites, seen what they were and erased them. One of the last things that I want to get ‘credited for’ is ‘liking’ the pages of mass murderers.

  4. I have spent time going through a whole lot of blogs to catch up with what’s going on. Some I comment on if I feel it is worth a word or two but most have been click like and move on. Can’t wait for the full posts of your adventures Amanda πŸ™‚

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