Feasting Or Famine

I see that the last couple of weeks my webpage has just been filled with daily photo challenges. It was not my intention to just post photographs, but it has worked out that way. Life got in the way, and I haven’t made time to sit down and update. My webpage is often a feast or a famine of posting, I never seem to get a perfect balance.

I’ve been busy getting things ready for our trip this week, that includes thinking about packing for five of us. Sorting out money, insurances, visas, everything else associated with travelling. Of course, it’s no big deal, done it one hundred times before, but it’s still time consuming. We are ready though, prepared and excited to be visiting a new country. The youngest member of the household is beside herself, she lives for her travels. We will be working the next couple of days, and on the last morning at home we are celebrating birthday of the eldest child who is not going with us. Maggeo is staying home with his other half and looking after the house and the animals. He’s going to be starting back at university in about four weeks so is taking this time to relax and enjoy some non-study days at home.

Another thing this weekend was that we had in-laws to dinner yesterday. We ended up ordering Chinese food and had a feast. I was stuffed with all we had, and as if I hadn’t eaten enough we went to a BBQ today for more food. The barbecue was organised by our church to welcome a youth pastor who arrived in from California just a few days ago. That’s another story, it’s his story, so I’ll save that for another time.

So after a weekend of feasting I am looking forward to a more normal diet tomorrow. It has been several days since I baked bread also, I suspect I won’t be making any more now for a couple of weeks until we return.

I can’t finish this post without another photograph, this is Day 5 of the make30photos instagram challenge. I know you’ve seen it before, but it fits in nicely on my new Instagram account. Check me out and follow me please, amandaserenainni.

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    1. That’s exactly it. I don’t like to post “excuses” either, I see so many making excuses then apologising. There’s really no need, just have to go with the flow when you are distracted.

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