Dutch goes the photo, LIFT, what an unusual topic. Dutch posted the Falkirk Wheel. If you don’t know what the Falkirk Wheel is then you really need to google, it’s just amazing.

Anyway, I’m really not sure I’ve anything as interesting as the Falkirk Wheel, but I will share what I have.

Lift – every spring, the boats are lifted into the water where I live. Then in the autumn they are lifted out again. It’s a fascinating process, I love to watch when I can. Not all the boats need lifting in, our boat is on a trailer and we launch it from the slipway. The truck crane they use is massive as you can see.

This next photo might seem familiar to a few of you, I have used it several times the last couple years.

It’s a glass dome as you can see, the lift goes all the way up to the viewing platform, where you can see for miles over Belfast and beyond.

The same dome all lit up with Christmas lights. The lift is the other side of the stairs in this photo and you can see the viewing platform, which you cannot see in the photo above.

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