A Scene Of Unexpected Qualities

Dutch goes the photo, a challenge of infinite possibilities.

The challenge was about finding a scene with perhaps unexpected details.


My entries are …

I was standing on top of a castle looking down over a busy beach in Spain. The boat looks disproportionately large for docking on the sand, but it will. It always amused me to see the passenger boats pull up onto the sand for people to get on and off. The stranger thing is that it seems to just pull up among swimmers and sunbathers without a care.

This is a hospital in Girona, Spain. Where I live the hospitals are busy and the buildings more ‘concrete’, this hospital looks more like a museum.

Do you ever write on walls? Not usually, but my daughter did write on this wall in Belfast, which was painted especially for graffiti – marker pens were also provided.

Children playing in the sand with their puppy? Look closer, one of the children is buried.

Who let the animals in?

Don’t move the cat!

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