Alexa – Turn The Music Up

I have to say that being 47 isn’t so bad after all.

I woke somewhere in the night to hear a clatter from the kitchen. Walter (my cat) had realised that someone had left a chicken bone hidden in the compost bin, that someone had placed also a heavy plate on top, but it didn’t deter Walter.

After that, I struggled to get back to sleep so when morning came I was pretty tired. I was greeted this morning with my children who gave me lovely cards and gifts.

I got a set of hair straighteners, I needed them as my hair is long, thick, curly and unruly. Watch this space now for slick, straighter hair.

Big son also bought me an Echo Dot, he got that one so I could pair it with my Bluetooth speaker. He knows I’m attached to my speaker so it works well. The Echo Dot is a funny looking thing, not sure yet what I will quite do with it, but it does play whatever music you ask it to. The downside is that it listens to everyone, not just me and the children are amused that they can turn off my music and put their music on. Things will change, believe me.

I also had some chocolate birthday cake, yum.

Don’t blame me, my watch made me do it.

I was amused to see my watch even wished me happy birthday when I woke up … these gadgets are clever.

So that’s a short little update, the day isn’t over yet but that’s what I have to share for now. Meanwhile the laundry machine still continues and the children still need feeding. 🍕

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