This past few weeks have been particularly busy for us. My other half decided to team up with a bunch of really cool people from our church and organise a community day. It was done as part of a festival which was being held in our village. The festival is a huge deal for us and we almost always have great acts followed by a stunning fireworks display. Once again this year the music and display did not disappoint.

We were flat out all day, the morning was setting up. The afternoon was the community event which was bustling, everyone worked hard and was exhausted afterwards. In the evening was the music and fireworks and I was able to catch my breath and relax during this part though other half had worked flat out the entire day. The children loved it, they spent the afternoon just running about with their friends and doing the activities. In the evening they visited the fairground which was also part of the event. The weather was kind and held off right till the very end, I only got a little wet during the fireworks but by the time I had got home we were being hit by a storm … talk about good timing.

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          1. I am glad you are doing well. It was a big decision. I have had a bit of a cold but am now on the mend. Always busy here but not too busy to write to friends

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