Fudgey Rocky Roads

There’s a festival on in our village on Saturday, that is live music followed by fireworks. Also there’s community things going on during the day, one of the events is held in our own church. Other half is the chair person of a very enthusiastic events team. Everyone has worked tremendously hard to make things come together. Now the day is almost here and we are excitedly nervous, or maybe it’s nervously excited.

As part of the community day we are having a sharing table. Where everyone brings along something they’ve made (or purchased) and others can share it.

I’m making several things for the sharing table, I thought as I’m heavily (time) involved in a few things just now I’d make simple tray bakes.

So today I made fudgey rocky roads. Rocky roads are child’s play but so delicious and more-ish. I figured I’d make my slow cooker fudge and turn them into rocky roads for a bit of fun.

Fudgey Rocky Roads


I haven’t taken loads of photographs yet as they are still setting, I will take pics in the morning and add them in. This mix made me about 4 dozen ‘mini’ rocky roads, but you cut them whatever size you like.

5 x 100g bars of cheap chocolate

1 tin condensed milk.

300g rich tea biscuits

1 bag mini mallows (mine was 100g)


Start off using your slow cooker to make the fudge. Melt the chocolate and condensed milk in the slow cooker. Keep the lid off!

Stir the fudgey mix every 15 minutes until 90minutes has gone by.

Break up the fish tea biscuits.

Stir the broken biscuits into the fudge mix.

Then stir in the marshmallows.

The fudgey mix will be very stiff now.

Spoon the mix into trays and put in the fridge for a couple hours to set before cutting up.


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