This week we had the strangest milestone in our house. Not only did the youngest member of our family turn thirteen, she had a hair cut. Sol has the longest hair. Lately it’s been getting straggly looking and despite being trimmed regularly I could never get it to look good for her, it looked kind of lank even when it wasn’t. So, for the first time in Sol’s life, that I can remember anyway, she had a hair cut. We took nine inches from her hair and layered it around the front and what a difference it has made to her. Afterwards I realised that this was a first for her, such a strange thing to think of I guess. It’s still very long, she’s happy about that.

So tomorrow, I am I am hoping to bake and post up some recipes later this week. I’ve been flat out working on another project just now, it has pretty much consumed all my time and I will share with you in due course. It’s a good project, which has already led onto something else which is good. Are you confused? Good! It’s good!

This evening I took time out and went to a neighbouring town for a stroll about. The weather has been abysmal, the skies are grey and every day it’s damp and dark. I forgot to take my camera, I’ve hardly had chance to try it out.

I came across a curious formation of boulders at the side of a walkway, I think they are supposed to represent a chair but it was all muddy and not conducive with comfort. However, there was a plaque on one of the boulders which had a little poem. I thought it was good.

Facing the other way this is the view we enjoyed as we strolled along. Look at that sky!

Afterwards we went to a fish and chip shop and enjoyed dinner while we overlooked the sea. There was a fair amount of mist so we couldn’t see so much.

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