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I am always late for this regular Tuesday photo challenge, I’m thinking because it’s not become a habit yet. I think about it on a Tuesday, I look for photos on a Wednesday, but by the time I get around to writing the post it’s Thursday or Friday. Just shows I am not totally organised in my life.

Also the fact I am working on a huge project which is going to take me weeks to complete, which I will explain more about as it unfolds.

Anyway, Dutch’s Photo Challenge is for the word ROW. Which can mean an argument, things in a line or the action of propelling a boat with oars. I have a few photos, no argument photographs, though I’m sure if I look deeply enough I can find pictures of my children sulking after a row they have had with their siblings.


First up is a row in a crochet blanket. I crochet a lot when I can, I am currently making a pile of blankets to get sent off to an aid organisation. I love taking photos of the rows, I marvel at how straight they are and how they have been made with one hook.


Second up is definitely one for fun. A play on the word as I have photographed a row of rowing boats. The harbour in our village has a number of small boats moored, of course they are a few yards out into the water. So how do you get out to your moored boat? You row of course. These boats remain parked up for the summer months so the owners can just pull them into the water and go.

Then there is a row of wind turbine poles waiting to be transported and constructed.

There there is this row of old worn away wood which once supported a jetty.

A row of pillars along the water edge as we sat and watched the car ferry load up.

Then on a super gloomy day at the door of the Mourne Mountains another row of railings supports.

A row of snow capped garden wall pillars …

And finally, look in the distance and you will see rows of cars parked on the sand.

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