Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder how you got to the day it was and realise the week or month has flown too fast.

I am doing that, life seems to be blurring past at a stupendous rate.

Today is Tuesday, and it’s almost the end of the day yet only seems like yesterday was Sol’s birthday (it was on Saturday). Since my last post I have been running crazy and doing lots of things.

I had to go buy some Turkish Lira, which was actually fun because it’s another step closer and another job done. The exchange rate is currently the best ever for our money to Turkish Lira. Good for me as every penny counts.

I also had to go shopping for the remaining things needed for Sol’s birthday and I baked her a cake. She likes these sweets called, jazzles, they are kinda like ‘cheap’ chocolate covered in sprinkles. She loves them, so her cake was a big giant jazzle. Chocolate sponge part, white chocolate frosting and jazzles stuck all over it.

Her day was good, in the morning we went over to the coffee morning in the village. She wanted to tell everyone she was 13. Afternoon was relaxed, and towards late afternoon we went to her chosen fast food place KFC. After the KFC we were off to the cinema to see Incredibles 2. She loves that movie, hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Afterwards Sol’s, big brother Mag brought his girlfriend round and we all had birthday cake. I have to admit it tasted so good, and I know I ate too much.

While we are on the topic of birthdays, mine is next … can I get my list in now please?


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