Can I Play? Field

While I was browsing all my favourite sites I came across the photo challenge that Dutch Goes The Photo runs every week. I often come in late to these things, so in ceremonial fashion here I am.

The topic is Field, and a particular photograph immediately came to mind. This field is opposite my house, every year something different is growing in it. I am not sure if it’s wheat or barley this year, I really can’t get close enough to see. I love the golden colour, and as the sun was behind me then you have my shadow too.

For fun here’s some more fields, taken from an aeroplane when it was coming in to land at Belfast International Airport in Northern Ireland.

13 thoughts on “Can I Play? Field”

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  2. Wow – the colours and light in that first photo are really quite something. Times (and photos) like that make me happy on an almost visceral level.

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