My Little Pony 🤣

I sit alone now, contemplating my day, but I just know it’s going to be dull in comparison to this morning.

I have already received an education in googling from a post written by, I can assure you my sides are currently in a state of spasm over laughing so much. Other half and I were laughing our socks off about what I had read as a result of the above mentioned blog. We thought that it was very strange that grown men would actually like My Little Pony. I had never heard of this before, you might think we had been living in a bubble for all these years. I had always assumed My Little Pony was for little girls. Then to add insult to injury our 12 year old walked in and said “sure mum, they are all over YouTube and they are called bronies”. 🙀

*** Edited to add in apologies if you are a genuine bronie. I did not mean to offend. ***

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