Receiving Gifts

I guess I have been kind of lucky this week with regard to receiving gifts. I am no means materialistic, but it is nice to receive.

First off I got my new camera last week as an advance birthday gift, I haven’t actually had much of a chance to use it yet unfortunately. I’ve just been busy doing house things and the weather hasn’t been great. I’m hoping that will change in the next few days though. I have been able to get a couple of accessories for it like a screen protector and a silicone case to protect the corners of it is dropped. 📷

Then this week we celebrated our wedding anniversary. The children gave us some flowers, chocolates and a set of crystal glasses. The glasses are perfect for enjoying an evening tipple in. I think the children have chosen well and we already have given them a trial run. 🍾

We went to the cinema to see Sicario 2 this week and I initially didn’t think it was my kind of movie. As it was other half’s birthday a few days ago he had wanted to go and see so I reluctantly said I would go with him. However as far as the movie goes it was ok despite a gaping hole in the plot … I won’t spoil it in case you haven’t seen it yet. I enjoyed it enough to make it a nice evening out, and currently getting out at night is a rare thing for us. I want to pick the next movie though. 😉

As if I wasn’t spoiled enough this week other half and I went shopping, he had to leave a prescription in at the chemist so we just walked around the shopping centre. There was a sale on in H&M and me being the cheapskate I am decided to have a look. I ended up with two new tops for virtually no money at all plus I got an additional 10% off the sticker prices also because I downloaded their app. Bargain! I do get spoiled, love it! 👚

Similar colour in the photo but in real life they are very different.

On a different note, you are probably aware that in my spare time (after looking after my family, baking, working and doing real life things) I have been making baby blankets. They are going off to Malawi as over there it is very cold at night and the new mums appreciate a blanket to wrap their babies in. In the poor areas they don’t have as much as we do and it is a small token to be able to contribute to the aid parcels that get taken over.

I just finished up another blanket, I had planned on making ten blankets but I have actually made several more. I am not sure how many more I’ll get done, but in the mean time I’ll just keep going.

I have started a new one, I am not sure I am in love with the colour yet as it is very bright, but I am using up what yarn I have in my stash. White doesn’t do as that is symbolic of death so colours are good!

That’s my ramble over for the evening. I’m hoping this coming week to try some new bread recipes so look out for some on my page. Food is always a good thing.

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