In A Lather On OurAnniversary

Today is the day we celebrate our wedding anniversary. Many years of wedded bliss and the day is very quietly marked by the exchange of greetings cards. No trumpets or banners, no fancy cake or even a hint of a balloon. I shall not complain, we both agreed that this would be the case, as in six weeks time we are off holidaying and travelling and we are saving what money we can for the trip.

Just for a bit of reminiscing here is a photo of a very pregnant blushing bride … yes, that is me. Other half’s hair was a bit darker than it is now and I was a little more youthful, however I think the years have been kind to us.

Apart from this big excitement I think the rest of the week has passed without too much ado.

Other half got himself busy outside painting one of the garden tables and chairs. He didn’t realise just how red the paint was when he bought it, but it looks okay I think.

I baked some scones for us this week, I used this recipe and added in cranberries. They are really tasty, here’s a photo to make you hungry.


Finally, before I sign off from this post I would like to share something incredibly funny.

Other half got a selection of toiletries for Christmas and until now most of them have actually sat in the corner of our bedroom. Lately one by one other half has been taking the bottles to the bathroom and using them.

This week he reported to me that one of his shower gels wouldn’t lather. He came to me for wisdom and explained how no matter how much he squirts out of the bottle he can’t get the bubbles he usually gets. Being the smart person I am I wondered if it was like this special shampoo I have. My special shampoo does not lather and you just rub it in and it makes your hair grow thick (supposedly). I explained that to other half and wondered if it was just the brand of shower gel, told him not to worry about not having bubbles and just go wash with it. Later after further complaints I finally told him to let me see the bottle and I could tell him if that were the case.

He showed me the bottle … can you see what the problem is?

The irony is that the bottle wasn’t even his, it is Seb’s and Seb’s had reported it missing some time back. Mystery of the missing styling gel has been resolved …

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