CFFC – Vintage Cars, Flames, Swatches, Lantern

This week’s CFFC (Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge) has a lot of scope. You can find the original post here. The subjects I am using are vintage cars, flames, lantern and swatches. I have adapted a couple of the topics but here goes …

This lantern is down by the harbour in my home village, I love the vintage look it has.

These swatches aren’t actually fabric swatches that Cee suggested we use. I am going to claim a little artistic licence and share tile swatches instead. They are a selection of samples I was comparing when looking for tiles for my porch floor. I opted for the ones on the left at the back. I love them so much and everybody comments when they step into my porch.

Vintage cars; it’s an easy one. Last summer we went to see a bunch of vintage and new cars which were lined up on a harbour near where I live.

This red one is KEWL.

I actually found it more interesting looking at the back of some of the cars … do you agree?

I am aware of the fact that this post is getting a little picture heavy but I just can not end without sharing the next set of photographs.

Every year on the 11th July at midnight there are huge bonfires which are lit up and down the country. Some of them are contentious, but from a spectators standpoint they are quite a thing to watch. These bonfires are often bigger than several houses stacked on top of each other, when they are lit they can been seen for miles.

Look closely behind the fire in the next photos, you can just see the houses. Their windows are boarded up to protect them.

To give you the idea of the sheer scale of these bonfires before they are lit here’s a photograph of one, it’s not even a particularly large bonfire. If you look closely you can see it is built from wooden pallets. It makes the trees look tiny, you can almost see the houses behind it.

The final picture I am sharing is a little collage of photos my son put together of a small bonfire which was lit in our village about five years ago.

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  1. I used the same tiles in my laundry room! The black and white tiles for the flooring and the upper right tiles for the walls. The tiles in the middle were going on a fireplace, but I haven’t got that far. Like minds! The laundry room turned out great. I bought a chandelier *red* to go smack dab in the middle. I bet your porch looks wonderful!

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