How Old Did You Say He Was?

There have been all sorts of things happening this past week.

Other half’s birthday was probably the biggest event of the week. He turned 56, he is going to get me for sharing that information 🤣😂. We even got candles with the numbers on them for his cake, just to make sure that it didn’t remain a secret. I also put his little birthday announcement in the local newspaper so everyone has been asking him this week. You got to love the joker side in me.

He did rather well for his birthday between everyone: he got aftershave, Bluetooth earphones, a fancy pen, honey rum, a newspaper subscription and a slate sign for his mancave. I also got him two tickets to a murder mystery night at a cabaret club, it includes a meal and prosecco reception, which I am hoping he will take me as his chosen dinner partner.

As usual Sol got drawing a birthday card, she makes everyone cards and pictures for special occasions. She made a picture of our pets, I thought she did a great job.

The funny thing about other half’s birthday is that it kicks off all the birthdays and special dates in the family for the year. His birthday is first followed closely after by our wedding anniversary then all the other birthdays every two to three weeks until they are all done in October. It’s a costly time of year!

I also visited my GP this week and he arranged to have my bloods all checked again. Primarily to see if I’m all caught up after my blood transfusion, but also as preliminary testing to save time for a referral to see a haematologist. I need to see one because when I had that bleed a few weeks ago the tests came back that it was actually caused by a drug reaction or some additional clotting issues. That drug was clexane, despite me having taken it many times in my adult life, the dose I received was a normal dose so there should have been no reason to bleed the way I did. Read about it here. The appointment to the haematologist needs to happen quickly now because I am soon off to travel and that will involve some flights. I need the drug for flying as I am prone to DVTs so ideally I need an alternative treatment before I go. Nothing is ever simple, but I am so thankful that the big bleed happened while I was already in hospital and not up in the air on a five hour flight. The consequence doesn’t bear thinking about.

13 thoughts on “How Old Did You Say He Was?”

  1. Happy Birthday to the other half! Thanks for the follow as well 🙂 Hopefully all will be well for the upcoming vacation. Crossing fingers for you!

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to a murder mystery dinner!! I’m sure hubby will take you too lol And it sounds like thinks should be back on track for you before your big trip!!

    1. I shall post about it when it happens, not sure when it’s going to be – the tickets need to be used before November and I’m not sure how many of these nights they hold.

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