A Bit Of A Photo Tale (Plus Flower Of The Day)

Yesterday went down to measure the notice board outside the church as we are hoping to get some banners made up for a fun day. My other half has now become elected of a newly

Yesterday went down to measure the notice board outside the church as we are hoping to get some banners made up for a fun day. My other half has now become elected of a newly created committee which is the ‘Events Committee’, which means he’s heading up new activities. They are planning a fun day on the 18th August with bouncy castles, popcorn, candy floss, the works. Whilst he was measuring things up and talking to people I was walking and taking photos on my phone camera of the views as I always do.

One of our local sandy beaches, always so inviting and the best bit is that it’s about a minute walk from my house.

Later on in the day I took the children with me over to the big Tesco Superstore, I had ordered some candles from their homewares site to be delivered into store. They were on offer at Ā£15, which was fabulous as the big candles alone are usually Ā£24. I am only sorry I didn’t get two boxes before they sold out, I could have split them for gifts. I am really pleased with my bargain regardless and I still might gift out the smaller candles.

Between shopping and walking trips I am still crocheting the baby blankets. I’ve been working on this one which is inspired from the TV show ‘Call the midwife’. It’s not my pattern, I got it free from the internet, it’s pretty all the same. However, it has been taking me a while to do. Either I am super slow or I am just not getting a chance to sit down and do this blanket. They say slow and steady wins the race … right?


The big excitement today is that Toni had a job interview. She’s almost 16 and looking to earn some money. She had an interview at a local restaurant who are desperately looking for several new staff. They have a bar restaurant area, the main restaurant, also a glazed area where you can look out at the views and also a little casual lounge area. They do weddings and all the usual meal times trade so there will be no shortage of things to do. The interview went well and Toni is awaiting a call about going in for a trial shift. This will be good for her, she’s been wanting to buy things for herself as bank of mum and dad doesn’t pay out all that much money. She gets her set pocket money, but now she is interested in fashion and likes to go meet her friends for coffee she needs some extra.

And just when you thought things couldn’t go better I got my new camera today. If you have been reading my page earlier this week you will have seen a post I made about the fact I lost my DSLR about two years ago. I didn’t have another camera and had just been using my mobile phone for photos. Other half suggested I get a little camera for my birthday and I decided on a little Sony. I have yet to get another DSLR as the one I want is outside my budget currently, but I am very happy with what I have chosen. I have been playing with it already, got it charged and found some memory cards around the house I can use. There’s going to be a certain amount of learning involved as there are loads of little settings on it as well as manual focus. I can say I am enjoying it already and am happy to be back with a camera in my hands.

Here are my first photos, not perfect but fun to take as I had a very pretty model.

I also was practicing in my garden on the flowers, this is Lavatera (commonly known as Mallow in the U.K.) and has to be one of my favourite flowers. It reminds me of my mum, who is passed, as she always had plenty growing in her garden.

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  1. I love Yankee Candle! šŸ™‚ I can get them at discounted prices at a store here called Home Goods. It always brightens my day when I find one šŸ™‚ Lovely pictures

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