Everyone Has An Ebay Story – Here Is Mine

Does anyone here sell stuff on eBay? In years gone by I was a power seller on eBay. When eBay was first created I was one of the first four people in the UK to

Does anyone here sell stuff on eBay?

In years gone by I was a power seller on eBay. When eBay was first created I was one of the first four people in the UK to have an eBay store. I must admit, I made a killing and earned a huge amount of money, but it wasn’t all good.

This is what happened … We were previously living in the middle of the village where we are now in a little three bedroom bungalow. When things started getting a little cramped in our little house we were very loosely looking around for somewhere else to live. Money was tight so we were sadly being forced to look in another town which was cheaper. That was making us sad as we already had established friendships where we lived and the oldest child was starting school.

Meanwhile, I was going through old business contacts that I had when I owned a little lock up store in England. I had sold this little business to move to Northern Ireland and we had used that money for the relocation and start a new life. Anyway, digression is what I am good at … so whilst going through the old contacts I had, we ordered in a few pallets of goods and advertised them in a local newspaper. The phone rang off the hook and everything was sold before it even landed in our country. Awesome! So I ordered more stock and set up a large gazebo construction (not unlike my current garden feature) in my back garden. We had no room in the house to store anything, so when the stock arrived we needed to put it somewhere while we packaged and shipped it out. Once again we sold out within hours of advertising in the local newspaper.

Other half realised we were onto a winner so we decided to run with this while things were hot. This was at the beginning of eBay UK and it was starting to accommodate business sellers and I was able to open a shop. It was crazy, mega busy and I had to employ someone just to package the products and send them out. We obtained enough money to place a sizeable deposit on a larger house in the same area, this is what we wanted rather than having to move away.

So we moved house and meanwhile we were having babies and I kept up my eBay work the best I could. However our third baby was sick and needed round the clock care and that made things difficult. We had trucks arriving several times a week delivering stock and couriers arriving daily to take the parcels we were shipping out. I had a man working for me full time packaging stock and things were good. Then the crash happened … by then there were a few sellers on eBay who had shops. Nothing like there is now, there were around 100 shops at this time if memory serves me correctly. Everyone seemed to be doing good and I was consistently being listed in the top five if you were to search a product.

And then one person decided to play it smart, they somehow figured out where I was getting my stock from. That person in turn started selling the web links to the supplier so that anybody could bulk buy the stock I was buying. He was selling these links for single figures! I was gutted, then new sellers popped up and copy cat everything I did. The difference is they were severely undercutting me and there was no way they could have been making any money at those prices. This was a worrying time, but I guess that is what happens in business you just need to move along.

I made a very brave decision to bale out while things were going good for me, I didn’t want my eBay business to dwindle down and fail as it were. The decision was helped by the fact my third child was sick. My third child needed me more and we were sitting pretty in our new house, I guess we realised that some things were more important and I took some time off from the hardcore online sales.

As the years went by and the children got older I have dipped in and out of serious selling on eBay, I have also sold a lot on amazon and owned several online stores. Mainly when we need money for things, we’d turn our hand to a new product and run fast with it before others catch on and jumped on the band wagon. This has happened several times for us, I am proud of what we have previously accomplished and it proves that if you have a strong will to do something you can do it and do it good.

So this brings me to today, I just eBay things for ‘fun’. We also do not have that same amount of income any more, but then again we do not need it – our lives are already very rich. I sell for casual reasons, mostly due to having things laying around the house that are surplus to requirements for whatever reason.

So guess what I was doing today? Listing random things like shoes that the children have never worn, shirts which are too small and even a couple of electronic gadgets that we have no purpose for anymore. I like the buzz of watching the auctions, it’s not all about the money, though the money from the sales is nice and will go toward our upcoming trip to Turkey.

I realise that the life I have is good, I couldn’t have achieved what I have now without the help of selling online. I am very grateful for previous opportunities that I have had.

As I walked into the village this morning, I looked over to the harbour and admired the view. I am truly very blessed to have my family and live somewhere this pretty.

I guess the moral of the story is that money cannot buy the things that make you rich.

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  1. πŸ™‚ Very beautiful message (and photo!) in the end there. I couldn’t agree more. My aunt also got in on the ebay thing when it was still very new. She sold books. I’m not sure if she does it much anymore, but I used to help her a lot. We would go to library sales together and she would fill up bags full of books, hand them off to me, and I would run them out to the car while she kept looking πŸ™‚ I also helped her with packaging and shipping them out when they were sold. I know book selling online is also a lot harder now, and library and used book sales are a zoo with people with their little hand scanners. But back then my aunt was one of the only sellers. So crazy how much it has changed! πŸ™‚ Thanks for bringing back some fun memories.

    1. Yes back in the day when hardly anyone had the idea to re-sell stuff. It’s all different now, plus I think books are becoming less popular in their paper form.
      Have you left for your Europe travels yet?

  2. That’s a very interesting story. Wow, you were an ebay pioneer! πŸ˜€
    I think that’s strong, especially since you have kids, too. Great!

    1. It was fun, crazy all at once. It served its purpose for getting the deposit money for buying our house and doing the necessary repairs to make it ready for us. Good times.

  3. For private persons selling on eBay is meanwhile no longer interesting like at the very beginning, but instead annoying. When I last purchased a laptop suitcase there, the lucky buyer came to my home and attempted to get a better price, although he had already won the auction at a very low price. Such behaviour is simply disgusting, so now I prefer to donate my things to varied organizations where poor people are in real urgent need of things. This saves also a lot of time what is really more important in life.

  4. You live in incredibly beautiful place​. And also you were lucky to be able to run a great online business. Yes life is not about money but having money makes it comfortable.

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