They’re Going Home (Thank Goodness)

⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Sunday afternoons are peaceful, aren’t they? Or are they? All I can say is that I am glad that this current football season is almost over. I’m not against football, but it’s a bit


Sunday afternoons are peaceful, aren’t they? Or are they? All I can say is that I am glad that this current football season is almost over. I’m not against football, but it’s a bit OTT these days, it’s everywhere you look. Everyone is talking about it, (including me now) and the jokes about England (the losers) are getting tiresome. What are your thoughts?


I may have mentioned a while back I was looking for a new camera. I did/do have a DSLR camera but I have somehow misplaced it. It has been missing for two years and I have searched the house from top to bottom. At least I think I have, because if I had searched fully I may have found it. I remember having it in August 2016, we were getting floors laid throughout our house and we had to clear all the furniture in the two main hallways plus the dining room. At that point I swore I had left my camera on a unit in the hallway. It was in a proper carry bag along with a car charger, some filters, two large memory cards and some other paraphernalia. After that I have no recollection of where it went. I did not take it with me on my foreign travels that year as we were travelling with hand luggage only. I did not give it to my neighbour for safe keeping (I usually would if I was travelling without my camera), because my eldest son was home. I can’t even say for certainty that when we put our rooms back together I had it. I can’t say that I didn’t take it out with me one day and maybe set it under a bench while I was sitting admiring a view somewhere. I just don’t know where it went. So it’s either misplaced in the house, lost on a day trip or stolen either from the house or from my person when we were out and about. As a result of this loss I have let my photography hobby slide. I enjoy taking photos with my mobile phone, but it’s not the same. My mobile phone does not do clear distance photos and it is a very basic point and shoot.

I have come to the point that I still want another DSLR. I still have some lenses from my old camera, they were in a drawer and not in the bag which is missing, so that might influence the decision for what new camera I might buy.

However, in the meantime my other half has decided to “spoil the surprise” and tell me that the family wanted to club together and buy me a camera for my birthday, which is next month. He wanted me to know so that I could actually pick the camera I would like, rather than them just buying me a random camera. I decided in the absence of another DSLR, which I will get at some point, I wanted a handbag size camera which is like a hybrid camera with some functions such as WiFi and adjustable lens and aperture.. I have decided on the Sony DSCRX100M3, this one. Oh I can add, not at the price quoted on the page, plus Sony are offering £150 cash back, I believe we got a good price. I will take my time for another DSLR, plus I don’t currently have the budget for the sort I want. I also believe this compact size camera will be perfect for travelling with.

I am very happy, and I’m actually going to get it this week, I hope my family let me use it prior to my birthday 🤣, but if they don’t I am okay about that.

Of course the day that I have my new camera in my hands I will find my old one. That’s how things go, if that happens I will have the best of both worlds and be very happy. I shall let you know if that happens.


On a different note we have been doing little odd jobs around the house again, inside and out. Please ignore the odd chairs under the gazebo, but last night we threaded solar lights around the frame. In the dark it was extremely pretty and we sat till quite late last night just enjoying the evening air.

We’ve had a good run of beautiful weather and balmy nights, but today we woke up to the rain again. Here’s hoping it’s short lived.

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  1. I look forward to seeing some photos with the new camera……whenever you are allowed to use it lol Your gazebo is beautiful, which I forgot to mention when you first posted after putting it up. Well worth the work, I’d say.

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