Too Pretty Not To Share

This is probably going to be a shorter post than my usual talkative rambles.

This week is a holiday week where I live, with yesterday being the day most of the people have the day off from work or whatever it is they do. Some shops are shut and government office places are off for the day too. We actually didn’t do much, we didn’t even go to see the parades or anything else that was going on. Other half had been to see the big football game (England lost) the night before and he was still feeling ‘tired’ after that.

We did however go for a walk into the village, as usual the beauty of what I saw impressed me. There has been a great deal of activities the last number of weeks where a team has worked very hard to prepare the village for the Ulster In Bloom competition. My husband is chairperson of this little group, so hats off to him and his team of volunteers.

I just wanted to share a couple of pretty photos. The judging for the competition is only a week away, there’s not much more the volunteers can do but to sit back and wait.

These wild flowers are to encourage bees and butterflies. There’s flowers planted all around the village but this one bed has been planted and left to grow wild.

And the bug hotel, I have actually photographed it before but here it is again in full glory.

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