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I have been really slow at posting this last week or so. It’s only because I have gotten out of the habit of daily posting. Also, and it’s not an excuse, I have been particularly

I have been really slow at posting this last week or so. It’s only because I have gotten out of the habit of daily posting. Also, and it’s not an excuse, I have been particularly tired in the afternoons and have developed a habit of napping, which has meant an hour or two less I’ve had in the day to do things that I usually do.

I saw my doctor yesterday and asked why I am so tired, he said it is mainly down to the blood loss I had. They only replaced half the amount of blood I lost so he reminded me it’s going to take a little while to build up my super reserves again. Plus the fact I just had a major surgery (twice in one day). I don’t feel so guilty about my naps now, however I have noticed a slight pick up in how I feel so it’s all good. I am certainly not complaining about all of this because it’s such a short period in my life.


As you may have read, Sol had her day of being a star. She had successfully auditioned for a voice over part on an animated TV show for BBC, CBeeBies. They were recording her parts on Friday and she ended up having a great afternoon. We went along as planned and signed the contracts, as her parent I am contracted too which felt strange but I guess it’s my job to get her there on time. The recording was really interesting for her. After chatting with the producer and other staff members she was taken into a recording booth. At this point I was quaking, thinking about her in this booth on her own. It was really a strange feeling, I had to sit out side of it on a sofa. All the people involved were around where I sat, there was a guy with computers and speakers who was in charge of the actual recording. The producer was there, he had the final say and there was a person who talked to Sol through special headgear that Sol wore.

Sol had a script in front of her, also they read out her part line by line so all she had to do was say her lines in her own voice and tone. It was pretty easy once she got going, and I actually could hear it all on speakers where I was sitting. She had some tricky bits to do also, she had to pretend to sniffle and cry for at least three of her cues. Once it was over they explained that this was the final day of recording and they were going to work the next few weeks putting the episodes together with the sound. As it’s animated, I would say they need to match up movements and things with the characters voices. They also told us that they were writing the next batch of scripts and they would love it if they could have Sol back for more parts. I think that is what you call a RESULT!

The icing on the cake for Sol was she had made a drawing of the characters for the TV show and had got it laminated. She gave it to the production team and they were all talking about how good her art work was. I heard them still talking about her drawing as we were doing the recording which was nice. So what they did was to invite her into the room where the artists work on the animations. She got to look at the making of the story boards and the actual illustrating of the show. She was blown away by this, made a lovely ending to the visit at the recording studio. It was lovely to see Sol have such a great day, I am so proud of her (as I am of all my children of course).


The rest if the time this week wasn’t as nearly as exciting. The weather here has been glorious, the downside to it has been the fast that our water is restricted and there are hose pipe bans. However that has not stopped us working on our garden, which really is a work in progress as they say.

We have this little ‘ugly’ area out the front, there’s and ugly fence which I had previously tried to hang some pretty plant pots on. Unfortunately the sun wasn’t really on the fence much so the plants weren’t thriving so I decided to think again and move them. Meanwhile other half had decided to tackle the junk piles in the garage, and there was a lot of junk in our 30foot by 29foot garage! In the garage he unearthed a black, metal framed, gazebo thing that we had stored for many years. The last time it was built was for my 40th birthday party, I’m ashamed to say that was seven years ago.

We decided to build it up again, after a huge man hunt for the bolts we improvised and got some new bolts. I hung my plants on the bars and we believe it looks rather pretty. There’s still a little bit of work to do, some blocks to move but the photo gives you a great idea. What do you think?

Sol has been taking advantage of it to sit under and do her artwork.


Oh I want to show off this henna tattoo I had done …

My other half is part of a local community group that organises events in our area. They had a culture day yesterday and they invited along a henna tattoo artist. Her work was amazing, very intricate designs which clearly take a lot of skill to do. I opted for something small and not on my fingers though because I knew I had to go home and do house work. This is what she came up with, it was fun all the same.

14 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action …

  1. Wow – what a lot of really great things happened in such a short time. It’s going to be so cool for you all to hear Sol when it’s actually being broadcast.

    Your garden is looking fantastic. So inviting!

  2. I like the gazebo with the plants hanging on it. Many many congrats for Sol. She will go far with animation if she wants I am thinking

  3. Love the henna ( I’ve always wanted to dabble in the art). Blood loss, it seemed like almost 2 months before I felt like myself again. Hang in there and take rest when you need it and by your terms.

  4. Napping is really a very good thing to do for yourself, whether your recovering or not lol It’s good that you are starting to feel better. It sounds like things are dry there this year for you, too. We aren’t on restriction but much of the plant life is turning brown. Many congratulations to Sol for her great success!!

  5. Your flowers and gazebo place is so pretty!
    I like your henna tattoo. Does it last a long time?
    Congratulations to your daughter. I’m glad she had such a great experience! 🙂

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