Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Piles Or Stacks

This is another weekly instalment of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge –piles or stacks.

This topic has entertained me greatly as I have memories of an occasion while my family were young and we had travelled to the Canary Islands for a holiday. We stayed in a duplex apartment at a family friendly hotel complex. We were there with four children, the three youngest were all toddlers and I guess we stood out. As each family left the complex they passed their inflatable toys onto our children, we stacked them up outside the kitchen doors.

This is the stack of donated inflatables! I have to add that the children were very sad to leave them all behind when we left after the two weeks was done.

This is a stack of fudge blocks I have made, all ready for cutting up. My favourite sort of stack.

Another tasty stack … fresh baked bread,

Some rope, this particular photo was taken at the C.S. Lewis museum in Belfast.

The last two photographs I have here are of stacks of pallets. They have been cleverly built to form giant bonfires, one of them looks precarious but they work nonetheless.

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    1. We have the, every July, they are actually very contentious but that’s another story and I don’t want to expose my political affiliation online. However regardless of your beliefs, they are huge and a spectacle to be seen.

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