Exciting Times Lie Ahead

This week has been both eventful and uneventful at the same time. I am pretty much taking it easy, just as easy as one can when they have a family. I have done no baking,

This week has been both eventful and uneventful at the same time. I am pretty much taking it easy, just as easy as one can when they have a family. I have done no baking, but I am ready to get back in the kitchen very soon. We have attended a couple of appointments and mainly just hung out around the house with the exception of a couple relaxing walks to our beach.

Sol had her blood test on Wednesday, they are still doing all the preliminary things for her little problem. It feels so long winded, but I guess they have to do all this before we actually get to the diagnosing bit and the treatment.

I also had my eye test, I can say I am officially old as I now transition onto glasses which now serve dual purpose of distance and reading lenses in. They aren’t variafocals apparently but an invisibly made version of something like a bifocal lens if that makes sense. My idea of bifocals are a pair of glasses my grandfather had with a line across the middle which divides reading lenses and distance. Apparently these are very different and no one would see the joined lenses.

The biggest news in our house is that we have a star in our midst. Sol had always expressed that she either wants to be an artist or a voice actor. Two very different, yet distinct career paths. Her art work is exceptional, and given that she is just 12 years old she’s already doing very well. Her acting comes in the form of YouTube videos, which every kid is into at the minute. She also has performed in several pantomimes through the drama group which she is part of.

However, what has happened is that by chance on Facebook I saw a film company looking to audition girls that fit a certain criteria. It’s for a CBeeBies TV show. They are recording 52 episodes of a mostly animated show which depicts the life of an autistic child and his artwork, his artwork comes to life and he goes these adventures. On Monday I sent off and applied for a possible audition for Sol and they got back to us immediately saying they wanted the audition by Tuesday 8pm. The audition was recording herself reading from a script, plus Sol had to record herself talking about something she loves for one minute. Sol worked hard and did both audition recordings all by herself. Without sounding biased, they were both very good and I hoped that she would do well. We sent them in and were told filming was immediate if she gets the part. Wednesday came and went, Thursday too so we figured she didn’t get the role and Sol was okay about that. However late on Friday my inbox dinged, I thought it was a ‘thanks but no thanks’ email 😢, but I was wrong. They had emailed to say they loved her and the TV show recording will take place next Friday! Sol is on top of the moon as they say, she has bagged herself a small voice acting role in a TV show and I couldn’t be more proud than I already am.

Watch this space!

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  1. How has your family gotten on without all of the home baked yummies?! I’m sure they are very understanding of your recovery but their tastebuds are ready for normal life again……store bought just does NOT hold a candle. Good to know you are on the road to recovery though. And that is SO wonderful for your daughter!! It is going to be a wonderful experience for her and will look amazing on her resume.

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