Animals Wearing Things – Odd Ball Photos

I’ve been looking at old photos this week as I often do, I found some pictures of pets that have ended up in predicaments.

I’m pretty sure they qualify for Cee’s odd Ball photo challenges.

This is a pretty nondescript photo really until you have it pointed out to you, that the cat has a piece of lettuce on his head. I’m not quite sure why he had lettuce on his head but I remembered that he wore it for quite a while before the lettuce fell off.

This rabbit is called Fudge (wonder why), he is wearing an Elf outfit. Oddball enough?


    1. LifeAmazing

      Sadly our rabbits are all gone, the one you see was my favourite. We had them for many years. Currently we have three cats, two manky garage cats and one indoor cat called Walter. I couldn’t imagine life without a cat!

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      1. Positively Alyssa

        I am sorry your rabbits are all gone! The one in the picture was SO cute! I am right there with you, I could not imagine my life without them. They are my cute little therapy cats!!! We had another one before we adopted the youngest one, but she so sadly passed away due to cancer:(

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