What A Week It Has Been

I have to say I had intended on updating as the week wore on. What I had underestimated was how tired I would feel after my surgery. I had a surgery on Sunday last week,

I have to say I had intended on updating as the week wore on. What I had underestimated was how tired I would feel after my surgery.

I had a surgery on Sunday last week, 9 days ago. Then due to a reaction of a drug I had taken I bled into my belly. I ended up with an emergency surgery to have two pints of blood drained from me. It turned out to be a medicine I had taken my whole adult life and I suddenly took a bad reaction a reaction to it, no one saw it coming. No one could have predicted that this would happen, I even had blood tests prior to taking it as it’s a serious medication, and those blood tests were all normal. I received that medication on Sunday after my surgery as planned, and BAM Suddenly I got really sick. As the afternoon had wore on I felt extremely hot, I had an insatiable thirst and my blood pressure kept dropping to a dangerously low level, I was also dry puking.

No one could figure out what was wrong with me because despite my low blood pressure I was still more alert than I should have been. Eventually they paged the surgeon, when he arrived he just took one look at me and knew I had internal bleeding. He paged the whole team and before I knew it I was getting the sleepy medicine again. When I woke up he told me I had a huge amount of blood in my belly and they couldn’t find out where I was bleeding from. They watched carefully and after 45 minutes of no more bleeding they decided I was okay and closed my belly up. I had to receive a blood transfusion and spent an extra day in bed hooked up to various tubes and things.

But I am okay, I thank God for medical science and where as some people are funny about receiving blood I am eternally grateful. Someone, somewhere took time out of their busy life to donate some blood that I received to make me feel better after my emergency surgery. There’s a little more to the story, but that’s what I am sharing in this post currently.

The remaining part to the week was spent resting as I had originally planned, nothing out of the ordinary there. Which gets me on to my lack of activity and I still did not find the time to do much online or post updates. I had not any comprehension of how tired I would feel or how mentally drained I would be after my surgery. I have had little to no pain despite having my belly opened up twice. I do however feel pale, and wishy washy but that I believe is normal. I am not sitting here crying into my beer over it, I am thankful and happy.

So yesterday was my first check up, on the 8th day after my operation. Everything went well except I have a seroma, which is a pocket of fluid in my belly. I may or may not have to have it manually drained which means inserting a needle and syringing out the fluid. It may sound serious, but it’s not really a huge deal and the drainage procedure is straight forward (apparently).

On the way back from my appointment we stopped at a little museum which is by the canal, we hadn’t been before but other half had heard about it. The canal was looking a bit unused and overgrown with water weed as you can see.

The lock keeper’s cottage was like walking into a little piece of history. Apparently the lock keeper had eight children in that tiny house! There is a little pull down ladder and the children slept upstairs in the little attic room, back in those days the roof was more likely to be made from tin than what you see in the photograph. I had to laugh especially when I think of my own children complain about the space that they believe they do not have.

I found it all the more amazing that three of the children are still alive and even visited two weeks ago. They could scarcely believe that people would actually immortalise their life in a little museum.

As you can see yesterday ended up being a lovely little day for me and marks the end of me convalescing so to speak. I am still tired and washed out but I am ready to take on what life throws at me.

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