Oh Wow

Well we did it! Got to the end of Saturday and survived. After my last update there was so much happening.

The children, well two of them, had their final GCSE exam. They were studying physics, it’s over now much to their delight. I told them if they pass good they don’t have to study Physics again if they don’t want to. Of course that is until their A-Level exams, but shhh I’m not going to be the one to tell them.

I also spent two days baking like crazy. Other half had volunteered us to host a coffee morning in our church. We have a coffee bar set up and the church has coffee mornings every Saturday, through the summertime. Each coffee morning is hosted by congregation members. I may have canvassed everyone we bumped into this week. 😇. This coffee morning was the busiest they had in five years, and we raised most money in five years of Saturday coffee mornings, I was just blown away by the generosity of everyone. The figure was over £200 and we still had money coming in later this afternoon, mostly the mornings raise around £140; at a suggested donation of £2 per tea and traybake you can see how many we sold over the course of the morning. The first familybthrough the door walked in off the street and they were from Australia. The place was packed, it just shows that the power of persuasion works when it comes to getting people to show up. I really need to be humble about it and I will, but after I’ve shared with you. My children helped, Toni washed up constantly though that wasn’t intended. Toni’s boyfriend came along too and he ended up drying dishes most of the morning. They worked so hard and seemed pleased with themselves afterwards. Look at the view we were rewarded with while we served tea and coffee.

After coffee morning I did spend the afternoon doing my own chores in the house. I’m going into hospital in the morning for a few days. I’ve posted some passworded posts about that, and please feel free to ask for the password by using the contact link at the top of my webpage. I’ll be updating as I can but if I don’t update you know that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, though I suspect I might be sat bored once I’m over my surgery. I’m hoping to only be in for three days, so I shall see how things go.

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  1. Coffee mornings every Saturday surrounded by friends sounds lovely and all the baked goods look yummy. I hope everyone appreciated your baking. 🙂 They are lucky to have you. Good luck with your surgery. Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

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