Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Another photo challenge. I follow Cee’s photography website and she has lots of different things on it. I quite enjoy the photo challenges, it allows me to share photos and quirky little things with you that I wouldn’t or couldn’t ordinarily make a blog post from.

For example, my cat, Walter. He likes to lie in the sun, he’s a house cat so far and I have not let him outside since I got him. My other half has a home office for his work, the other day I was round the back of the house and I looked in other half’s office window. I spotted Walter laying on other half’s desk, he was sunning his armpits, in the most funny, twisted position.

If you follow my blog you would have read that a few days ago I visited a mental health centre to collect some floral planters. Outside the front of the centre they have a car which has a shark fin on the roof and is covered in mosaic tiles. I thought it was a quirky talking piece for anyone who visits the centre, it brightened up my day.


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