Feet Or Shoes in Black & White – CB&W

Cee’s Challenge, feet or shoes in black and white. Which I’m totally up for, it took me a while to find the photos I wanted to include, but I think I got the right ones.

I love to crochet, here’s a pair of baby shoes I made for someone.

My next door neighbour cat got hit by a tractor. And while the photograph isn’t amazing I liked the bandage he had on his leg, kind of fun.

More baby shoes. These tiny little baby shoes are incredibly special, they were worn by my little five week early baby who goes by the name of Sol. I have kept the shoes all these years, and I can scarcely believe how big she has grown.

This last photo is of a cat I had called Dexter, I loved him so much. Sadly he’s gone to kitty heaven, but his purrs are still in my heart. He had incredible paws, I loved them, maybe that’s what you call a foot (paw) fetish.


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