Tuesday Times

Tuesday today and I realise I haven’t updated my website in several days. The time has flown and I’ve been flat out working in my house. We’ve been painting and clearing stuff away. There’s a lot of jobs I needed to get out of the way this week as come the weekend I will be laid up for a short while. Sol has been to the hospital also, and we ended up having a day away from home too. We also have exams this week for two of the children, plus other half and I are hosting a coffee morning in our church.

The painting is happening in the room at the back of the house that opens onto the garden. It’s a cold room in the winter so only really gets used for 8 months of the year. Like any room that isn’t in daily use it can get a little cluttered, little is probably an understatement. We keep the school materials in there plus the children gravitate there and invariably leave junk behind that they don’t know where it goes. So … we cleared the room and other half painted it a nice warm yellow colour. It looks fabulous, however we are still working on some of the junk that needs to be passed on. This is the room in progress, the grey chest was brought in to be used as a table to set paint and things on. I’ll post photos of the completes project when it is done.

With regard to Sol, my youngest daughter I had shared a few days ago about how we are worried about her. She’s a little problem and it has came to light that her urine has blood in it and her blood tests are showing raised liver enzymes. Yesterday morning she had an appointment at the hospital for an ultrasound scan of her tummy. They scanned her bladder, kidneys and liver. The radiographer was giving nothing away during the scan so I don’t know if there was anything picked up or not. We have to wait a week for the doctors report on it. Meanwhile our own doctor has written Sol a referral to see a consultant doctor so everything is in the pipeline for collating her results together and finding out what is going on inside.

After her appointment yesterday we went in the car with other half to a place called Limavady, in Northern Ireland. It is over 70 miles from our own home so was quite a drive. We spent the afternoon just looking around somewhere new, came home late last night incredibly worn out.

I’m going to be posting a bunch of recipes later on in the week, I hope that’s okay! Other half has volunteered us to host a coffee morning in our church. How it works over the summer that there are coffee mornings every Saturday morning. Each coffee morning is catered by and hosted by different members of the congregation. We were asked last summer but I was going through a period of sickness and we declined, so we felt we couldn’t really say no this year. This means I’ve to bake a ton of scones and traybakes, which will actually be fun even if it is a little stressful.

I have to post my latest Beach photo, just because I’m totally in awe of the weather we’ve been having. It’s a little colder today and no sunshine, the photo is a welcome reminder.

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