Friday Findings

Friday, the last day of the ‘working week’; for some anyway.

A mother, wife, housewife’s job does not have weekends off. I do not complain though as I enjoy my job, it just makes a good opening for a post.

Last time I had updated we had been out for the day and Sol had her doctor appointment. We didn’t get her results back yet from her tests this week, I did ask this afternoon at the clinic. She has her scan on Monday so it’s okay, we will know more then. She’s in good form, and is so blasé about all of this.

I myself had my blood taken today, they had to check my coagulation levels for my upcoming procedure. More about that in the passworded posts, if you read them then you will know 😉.

Other than that I have only been grocery shopping so far today, I am planning on going out this evening for a walk somewhere nice.

I have also been crocheting, I started on a new blanket. My new blanket is shell stitch in four pastel-ly colours.

I already finished the pink and oatmeal chunky yarn blanket I was working on since Monday. However I’m not sure if that one will make it to Malawi as my eldest daughter has taken a shine to it, it is larger than the other baby blankets so I said she could have it if she really wanted it.

The weather this past week or two has been so good. Anyone who has been to our country will know that usually it rains A LOT, this spell of sunshine is so unusual for us. On Wednesday evening I was out walking on a country coastal path outside our village. I’d like to share with you some of the views, it’s so breathtakingly peaceful I came across a bench and just sat for a while on my own. Gave me time to reflect and recharge my batteries. These are the photos …

Then on Thursday evening (last night) we were delivering flower boxes around the community.

Aren’t they pretty? They are made by the clients at a mental health centre near by. This centre specialises in helping adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and people with mental health concerns. They do a lot of good work and the centre was selling these boxes for just a small amount of money. My other half put the word out to his local followers on Facebook and managed to get orders for 20 boxes. The people who ordered from him all had little stories to tell of how this cause is close to their hearts. The people from the centre were so pleased, it’s rewarding for them to have their skills out there. Every single box is painted differently, I got two for myself as well. One of mine has butterflies in grass on the front and the other has stars.

That’s more or less the round up for my week. Next week is to be especially busy for me – watch this space for more updates. Also I am pretty sure that once I hit the publish button I will think of more things to write.

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