I Made A New Friend …

Yesterday was the a really long day. It was fun and we did a fair amount of sightseeing and shopping all in one trip.

We headed to a town called Newry first off and got some more clothes shopping. I had wanted some tee shirts that were a little looser on me for the summer, I also needed some pyjamas as I am staying away from home next week. The children always need something too, sol got a check shirt that she really ‘badly needed’. Toni got a couple of pretty things too. We had Maggeo’s girlfriend with us too so we really had a car full.

After we left Newry we decided to make the most of the exceptional weather and drive home via the coastal route. Went to a place called Carlingford, it has a huge long beach as you can see.

Then we stopped at a place called Greencastle, more beautiful coast with the Mourne Mountains as a backdrop.

We then took a drive into a town called Newcastle. We hung around there for a couple of hours, the children played on the 2p arcade machines. We got dinner and ice cream and basically just looked around.

I made a new friend, he kept following me about …

I called him George.

I was hanging out with George when this big fella landed, look closely at the bottom right corner of the photograph.

This is Henry the heron.

As you can see we had a lovely day

I am aware of this post being picture heavy and that involves a lot of scrolling but I have more to write so I will start a new post.

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