Children Always Have Us Worried

Continuing on with my update, I started a new post because the last one was picture heavy and I know from looking at others blog posts that more than half a dozen photos is hard to scroll.

We ended up getting back very late last night so the children were still tired today. I also had to work late as I didn’t get my newspaper submissions done in the day time, that’s okay, because life is for living.

I don’t know if you remember I had updated last week about my daughter who was having some tests done. She may have a kidney or bladder issue but it is early days and we don’t know for certain. Her second urine test has come back with blood in it again and now concerningly (is that even a word?) her lever enzyme levels are elevated. She’s having a kidney and bladder scan on Monday, now they are going to check her liver too. She’s also to repeat her blood tests and the GP has now referred her on to see a consultant ASAP. I’m not sure whether I should be worried over this, well of course I am worried, but should I be concerned there is a real issue. Anyone who has any experience on this please feel free to message me, you might just put my mind at rest over this.

Aside from the trip to the health centre today I managed to get a lot of things done around the house. There were jobs that had been bothering me for some time that needed doing. Also I hung new curtains in my bedroom and changed my bed into some new funky bedding. They are pink flamingos just for fun and a cheery summer feel.

I just finished another crochet baby blanket today, I think that’s ten made now, I really should count them. It is around 38inches square, I made it with cygnet chunky yarn on a size 10 hook. I hope you like it.


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  1. I don’t have experience with this particular medical concern but I’m sure with today’s medical advances that anything it could be can be set straight. And yes, as mothers, we will always worry. My son once said, “Mom, quit being such a mom,” when I was concerned about something or another lol. Our thoughts are with you. And love the new blanket!!

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