Arches Are Everywhere – CFFC

It’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge time again.

This time it’s arches and domes.

Here we go ….

This glass dome is in the Victoria Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

These arches are in Armagh, Northern Ireland.

There are over 30 gargoyles hidden around the city in Armagh, the trick is trying to find them all. I have found almost all of them, it was fun walking round and locating them.

One is in an arch at ground level.

This arch is in Armagh Cathedral.

There is a tower on the top of a hill outside Newtownards, Northern Ireland. The doorway is arched.

These arched windows were in the castle grounds at Tossa, Spain.

And these arches were in the Arab Baths, Girona, Spain.

Finally the rear door of Girona Cathedral, Im afraid there was two people sleeping rough round there.

I hope you enjoyed this set of photographs. I look forward to next week’s CFFC.


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