Picnic Day

After a hugely busy day yesterday I was quietly relieved that today was a planned fun day.

We went to worship as usual. This was children’s day, the last day of Sunday school and the children led the church service. Seb was in the pulpit today, he did all the introductions, Sol read the main prayer. Toni did her bit too, the children all did amazingly well we are very proud that they had the courage to stand at the front of the congregation and do their bit. I know if it were me, my knees would be knocking.

After church there was a community event going on in our village, it’s actually part of a national thing called The Big Lunch. It was a big picnic with lots and lots of games and activities for the children. There was free food and cake on top of the picnic lunches that everyone brought.

The day ended up being a glorious day, you could not have planned it better if you had tried. I’m so glad for the organisers too, my other half was part of setting up the whole event. It must have made him feel good when he woke this morning and the sun was out. Living where we live it is often a case of the four seasons in one day, sort of weather.

The children were dancing, and splashing in the pools and sea. They also enter d a crab fishing competition and enjoyed the free cake that was on offer too.

Sol had her portrait drawn by a local artist.

This evening I was out again for a little run around the village. I took a couple of photos while the sun was still shining. In our country it could rain tomorrow, so it’s a case of make the most.

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